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End of Financial Year Sale Bundles
All end of financial year sale bundles available for purchase
MasterPlan - Business Planning Software
MAUS MasterPlan , business planning & marketing planning software will prompt you with ideas and suggestions and will demonstrate through real life examples how you can analyse your business and prepare successful strategies for the future. The range of plans available are ideal for bank loan applications right through to setting strategic direction while the financial wizard allows you to develop customised spreadsheets and conduct a ’what if’ analysis on all your forecasts.
MAUS Cloud Aplications (End of financial year)
MAUS cloud software (MAUS Hub) is an application that will help you to develop, align and communicate your strategies. MAUS Hub is highly adaptable with "plug and play" modules that can be purchased individually or as a complete suite. It includes five modules; a KPI Dashboard module, as well as HR, OHS, document management and project management modules....all wrapped into one easy to use cloud software system.
Policies & Procedures Manual Software
MAUS Policies & Procedures Manual is designed to help companies develop a complete operations handbook incorporating procedures, workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference manual.
Operations Manual Software
MAUS Operations Manual is designed to help companies develop a complete operations handbook incorporating procedures, workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference manual.
Job Descriptions Software
MAUS Job Descriptions gives you the ability to create a detailed outline of employee responsibilities and roles, educational requirements, work environment and even necessary job knowledge quickly and simply!
Performance Review Software
MAUS Performance Review includes Intelli-text, an exclusive technology which writes clear and natural text that flows as if you wrote it yourself allowing you to save valuable time and effort.
Enjoy huge savings on MAUS’s extensive range of business software.
Health & Safety Software
MAUS Health & Safety Planner will guide you step by step on how to create an OH & S committee, action plans, outline of emergency procedures and monitor ongoing safety performance. You could further save 50-90% of the time in developing your own safety training program.
Information Memorandum Software
MAUS Information Memorandum instantly creates a 10-35 page document tailored for your client's business. This is vital for any business broker, accountant or consultant who wants to prepare an information memorandum for their clients!
Quality Assurance Manual Software
MAUS Quality Assurance is designed to help organisations develop their own customised Quality Manual, which can either be used for ISO9001:2008 certification and accreditation or just to help document and improve an organisation’s current quality systems.
HR Policies Manual Software
MAUS HR Policies is designed to help companies develop their own employee manual which incorporates all their policies, procedures and forms. This simple to use software will turn an arduous, time consuming activity in to an eye opening experience.
KPI Scorecard V3 Software
MAUS KPI Scorecard is the fastest easiest way to prepare and grow your business. Instantly create a “one page” snapshot of your business. This program will turn your strategy into a monthly action plan. Create a scorecard for each staff member or use as the driving force for the business.
Stockmarket Plus V12 Software
MAUS Stockmarket Plus V12 is an easy to use Share Portfolio Management software which is owned and developed in Australia. Stockmarket Plus V12 handles a range of investments including shares, options, warrants, managed funds CFD’s and more. Updated to the 2011 - 2012 tax rate.
SellBiz Pro Software
MAUS SellBiz Pro educates business owners on the steps needed to prepare their business for sale. This product is vital for any business owner who is wanting to sell their business for its maximum sale price!
KPI Manager Software
MAUS KPI Manager will allow you to run KPI reports for your business and therefore allow you to capitalise on all the benefits of an organised and sophisticated performance analysis system.
Profit Builder Software
MAUS Profit Builder is the new revolutionary way to provide your client's with a professional 'health check' on their business that actually recommends your services. Profit Builder will also assist your client's in improving their efficiency and profitability while providing your practice with an ongoing source of consulting revenue.
Strategic Planning Pack
MAUS Strategic Planning Pack provides you with a comprehensive range of tools created to assist you in succeeding in todays challenging business environment. Plus the Award Winning MasterPlan V8 and KPI Scorecard V3.
Daily Downloader
MAUS Daily Download - Provides subscribers with the ability to download information on either 100 stock or the entire market of their favourite stocks including opening and closing prices, high and low prices, and volume traded. Information is available at the end of day's trading.
Historical Data CD
Historical Data CD is one of the most important resources an investor can use. It can mean the difference between a good and bad investment decision. With 8 years worth of historical share price information, you will be more informed about the market and in a better position to make more profitable investment decisions.
Flowchart Manager Software
MAUS Flowchart Manager is a simple and easy to use Flowcharting software program capable of creating diagrams, link nodes, add text and even create time nodes. At a click of a button your diagrams will be instantly exported into Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and HTML.
HR Profiler Software
MAUS HR Profiler gives you the power to ensure that you recruit the best people for your business whilst giving you the ideal coaching and development tool for your existing employees.
Environmental Planner
Creates an Environment Manual and Procedures based on ISO 14001
Business Startup Guides
Starting a new business can be difficult and confusing, not to mention fraught with problems! However, you can minimise each of these (and the stress!) with MAUS Business Systems Business Start-Up Guides.
Consultants Pack Software
MAUS Consultant’s Pack, advocated by 1000’s of Accountants & Consultants, will give you the forms, tools and know-how to establish a professional Business Consultancy overnight! The Consultant's Pack includes an award-winning Business Planning software package (MasterPlan) plus a range of business advisory resources to help establish and build your practice.
Become a Coach Software
Become a coach will help you win new clients while building your own practice. Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for a franchise system when you can buy this package. One new client will provide you with a massive return on investment on this software!
Sell Your Business - The Practical Guide Book
This workbook is designed to provide you with the practical advice that only someone that has worked extensively in this field could provide. It is designed and written for Business Owners and Advisors as a practical guide.
Mini MBA Workbook
Written by best selling author, Peter Hickey, the MAUS Mini MBA Workbook includes over 650 pages of practical business management information. The book provides practical fill-in-the-blank templates for use within real life business situations.
Business Planning Book
Written by acclaimed author and winner of the 1999 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Peter Hickey, the Timesaving Guide has been hailed as a revolutionary new approach to Business Planning.
HR Premium Suite
MAUS Policies and Procedures Manual, MAUS Job Descriptions, MAUS Performance Review, MAUS Employee Manual, aswell as Flowchart Manager and Business Letters
OHS Training Presentation
The MAUS OH&S Training Presentation was developed by several professional in the field of OH&S. Its purpose is to improve safety standards and clarify health precautions and safety procedures within the workplace.
Financial Ratio and Diagnostics
MAUS Financial Ratio and Diagnostics is a comprehensive financial tool that will give you a holistic approach to a business’s overall health. It produces in depth business diagnostic reports and is perfect for helping clients apply for loans gaining finance and improving business value.
Mini MBA
MAUS Mini MBA provides you with a comprehensive range of tools created to assist you in succeeding in todays challenging business environment. This nationally recognised training program has been tailored to the current needs of business owners and managers. By covering nine relevant business topics the guide illustrates relevant major concepts from business theory and applies them to practical and easy to follow information.
Business Toolkit
MAUS Business Toolkit provides sample Forms, Letters and PR Release, perfect for any business. Use these helpful templates for everyday practice, making your life easier.
Consultant Navigator Software
Consultant’s navigator software is a premium advisory tool that was previously only accessible to MAUS accredited Partners and was sold at a $20,000 price point. We have now made it accessable to the public as a whole product or in individual modules. Within the software is a suite of different client engagement modules which are used for identifying client’s needs, writing your proposal, conducting financial health checks, assessing internal systems and even generating exit and succession plans.
Consultant/Advisor Video Training & Case Studies
-OVER 180 LIVE EXAMPLES of advisor client interaction. -Will attract CPD and professional development credits. -Instantly build your confidence and your advisor skillset. -Can be reviewed in your own time at your own pace. -A complete reference guide to small to medium sized business problems -Extremely practical videos -Shows how other professionals solve business owner problems. Watch their body language, question probing techniques and the client advisor interaction.
Training Videos - Your Business Success
Your Business Success was a business ‘makeover’ show that ran for 4 years on Channel 9 – the longest running and most successful business reality show every aired on Australian TV. The format of the show was simple but highly effective.


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